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#8 Erin Terkoski Young MSW (WTW) - The Recipe For High-Quality Substance Use Disorder Care.

In this episode, Erin shares insights into what high-quality Substance Use Disorder care looks like. She also shares some of the issues surrounding current care from the lack of access to the difficulty in navigating treatment. Erin shares some great insights into what she believes the future of SUD care will look like too!

#7 Claudia Christian - Overcoming Substance Use Disorder with the help of Medication Assisted Treatment

In this episode of the Mission: Recovery Podcast, I sat down with Claudia Christian. Claudia is an extremely successful actress and author who's starred in shows such as Babylon 5, Nip/Tuck, and Criminal Minds. In this episode, we discussed how alcohol negatively impacted her life, how Medication Assisted Treatment and The Sinclair Method helped her overcome her substance use disorder, and the work she is doing to support others struggling with addiction.

#6 Joshua Evans - Life in the public eye, facing demons, and recovery

In this episode of the Mission Recovery Podcast, I sat down with Joshua Evans. Joshua is a singer, actor, and YouTuber with over 1 million followers. In this episode, we discussed how a very public breakup led him to alcohol and the negative effects excessive drinking had on his life and career. Most importantly, we talked about his recovery and journey to over a year of sobriety.

#5 Kirstie Settas-Jones (National Lead, Willis Towers Watson) - The perfect storm: the pandemic, substance use and why employers should focus on addictions.

In this episode, Kirstie talks about the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on employers and how it has led to a huge spike in substance use amongst their populations. Kirstie talks about why substance addiction is still an unsolved problem for employers and the strategies employers can put in place to tackle it effectively.

#4 Eddie McClintock - Hollywood, kicked out of crack houses and twenty years of sobriety.

Eddie McClintock is an actor who is best known for his lead role in the hit show Warehouse 13, he has also starred in some of the biggest shows including friends, sex and the city, and others. He has a heartwarming story on addiction and his journey to being 20 years sober.

#3 Vance Johnson (Denver Broncos) - From NFL Superstar to An Addiction Coma

Vance Johnson is a former NFL superstar who spent ten years with the Denver Broncos and played in three Super Bowls. In this episode, Vance talks about his struggles with his addiction to alcohol and other substances. He talks about how his addiction affected his playing career, his relationships and his mental health.

#2 Cameron Yarborough (CEO of Torch): Losing My Father To Addiction

In this episode, Cameron speaks about what it was like to grow up with his father who suffered from addictions to alcohol and opioids. He speaks about how his father died having succumbed to his addiction. Cameron also talks about his journey to being sober and how he quit alcohol.

#1 Justin Kan (Co-Founder Twitch.tv): Two Years Sober

In this episode, Justin speaks about quitting alcohol and his journey to two years of sobriety. He talks about how he changed his behavior and built healthier habits, as well as the benefits of social accountability and why he was so public about his journey to recovery.

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