#9 Adrian Hayden - Overcoming opioids and managing tobacco with Quit Genius

In this episode, Quit Genius member Adrian talks about a harrowing accident that led him slowly down the path of addiction and how he was able to regain control. Adrian also shares his experience with the Quit Genius product and how he’s leveraging it to help manage his tobacco use.
Adrian is a supervisor at a global manufacturing company. A harrowing car accident in 2005, followed by the economic crash in 2008, resulted in an addiction to pain killers along with smoking. Today, with the help of Quit Genius, Adrian’s professional life is thriving; however, he’s having trouble quitting smoking. Adrian talks us through how the Quit Genius program (offered as a health benefit through his employer) is completely different from other programs he’s tried. By using the app and participating in the program, he’s finally taking the steps necessary to quit smoking once and for all.

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